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Vote Wednesday October 24

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Oct 24 Election Day!



A candidate must have a campaign account prior to accepting monetary contributions – the account can only be used for election purposes.


Only residents of Manitoba can make a contribution.


Union, corporate or anonymous donations are not allowed.


The maximum amount an individual can contribute is:

$750 to councillors elected by ward

$1,500 to Mayors elected at large


These contribution limits also apply to candidates and their spouses.


Gifts-in-kind are considered donations and their value must be included in the contribution limit.


A fundraiser event can be held only during the campaign period. The net income made at a fund-raising event is considered a contribution.


Copies of receipts, bank statements, cheques and other documents must be retained for two (2) years.


The limit to campaign expenses that may be incurred by registered candidates are:

$4,500 for Councillors

$18,000 for Mayor


Possible Election expenses may include:

  • Costs for hall or room rentals for public meetings
  • Fees for printing pamphlets, advertisements, signs, etc.
  • Office supplies – stationary, postage
  • Costs for hiring vehicles and drivers for campaign purposes
  • Travel expenses, such as gas
  • Costs for food and refreshments for candidates or campaign volunteers


ALL registered candidates MUST file an Election Finance Statement even if no contributions were accepted or no expenses were incurred.


Election Statements MUST be filed by: May 22nd, 2019.


After a registered candidate files his or her election finance statement, the statement is open to inspection by any person during regular office hours of the municipality.

Elected candidates who do not file on time will not be allowed to sit on council.


Candidates who were nominated, withdrew or who were not elected, and fail to file will not be allowed to run for council until after the 2018 general municipal election.

 Campaign Expenses and Contributions  By-law_6974_[AM. B/L 7206](click here)

Brandon Votes
Brandon electors vote to elect their Mayor, Councillors, and Public or Separate School Board Trustees on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 for the 2018-2022 term of office.
Contact Info

410 - 9th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6A2
P. 204. 729. 2236