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Vote Wednesday October 24

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Oct 24 Election Day!



All candidates must register before they can begin to accept contributions or spend money on their campaign. Candidates must fill out a Registration Form available from the municipality's SEO. Candidates must register within a certain time frame:



May 1, 2018 candidates can file their registration papers.



June 30, 2018 candidates can file their registration papers.


Note: The date that Candidates can register is June 30, 2018 however this date falls on a day where our offices are closed.  Therefore registrations will be accepted for Council Candidates starting July 3, 2018 beginning at 8:30am until 5:00pm directly with the Senior Election Official.  Important to note that as per the Municipal Act

No contribution, expenses or borrowing until registered

93.4        No individual, other than a registered candidate, and no person acting on the individual's behalf, shall, for the purpose of electing the individual,

(a) solicit or accept a contribution;

(b) borrow money; or

(c) incur an expense.


To register, candidates must:

  • Provide their name and address
  • Identify the office they are seeking – mayor or councillor
  • Provide information about their campaign account. This information is required prior to accepting monetary contributions for the purpose of the campaign.



Candidates must set up a campaign account at a financial institution (eg. bank, credit union, caisse populaire) if they are going to receive monetary contributions from others. Details of the account, including the name of the financial institution, account number, etc. need to be provided to the SEO on the Registration Form. The campaign account must be used only for election purposes.


Once registered, a candidate is entitled to receive a copy of the voters list from the SEO. The voters list is a list of eligible voters that is maintained by the SEO. The voters list may be provided to the candidate electronically or in paper form. This list may be only preliminary, with a final voters list to be provided later.


IMPORTANT: The voters list may only be used for election purposes during the campaign period. It is illegal to use the voters list for any other purpose.


After candidates are registered, they also have the right to canvass or distribute election material in the community. There are rules that must be followed:

  • Candidates can access multi-unit residences, such as apartment blocks, anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Candidates may wish to discuss their intention to campaign in a multi-unit residence with the SEO, to allow the SEO to contact the landlord to give residents advance notice of their arrival.
  • Candidates can also distribute pamphlets and other campaign material at healthcare facilities such as personal care homes, but only at a time agreed upon by the candidate and the administrator of the facility.


IMPORTANT: When campaigning a candidate may be asked to provide identification or documentation confirming their candidacy. Candidates may wish to ensure they have photo identification, such as a driver’s license.

Candidate Registration Form

Brandon Votes
Brandon electors vote to elect their Mayor, Councillors, and Public or Separate School Board Trustees on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 for the 2018-2022 term of office.
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410 - 9th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 6A2
P. 204. 729. 2236