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Vote Wednesday October 24

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Oct 24 Election Day!




The following is a list of candidates who have registered to run for office in the upcoming 2018 City of Brandon Municipal and School Boards election. The City of Brandon does not endorse any candidate nor guarantee the accuracy of the information they have provided.


Jeff Fawcett


Jeff Fawcett

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

204-725-0951 (home)

204-726-9865 (cell)


My wife Jodi and I have lived in Assiniboine Ward for 20 years. All of them at 951 3rd Street North. My two sons Max (16) and William (14) both attended Kirkcaldy School from kindergarten through grade 8.

              Brandon born and raised in Brandon I have always tried to be active in the community. I have volunteered time on many boards and committees. Including some such as the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba; the Westman Centennial Auditorium; the YMCA; Brandon University Foundation; and the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, among others. In previous years I have been kindly recognized with the Mayors Volunteer Award and recently as the Brandon Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.

              Since 2010 I have represented the Assiniboine Ward as City Councillor in the City of Brandon and currently act as Deputy Mayor. During this period Assiniboine Ward has received plenty of attention from the City and the Province as we have had nearly 20 million dollars of dike work and riverbank redevelopment on going over the last 7 years. Also, during this period the Ward residents have attended more Ward meetings and in much greater numbers than any other area of the City. Meetings at the Riverbank Discovery Centre; The Sportsplex; Monterey Estates Community Centre; and the Sportsplex have seen hundreds of residents attend to discuss issues and concerns such as 18th St & Braecrest intersection; tax assessment issues; traffic through a Seniors park; dike work; and the Sportsplex. While City Management attends all Ward meetings I have also had Manitoba Infrastructure; Local MLA’s; and Provincial Assessment attend meetings to be certain that residents are heard and able to receive information from the best sources possible.

              I would like the opportunity in the next four years to see through the Braecrest corridor (1st to 18th Street) redevelopment. The Province, working with the City has an RFP (request for proposal) out that will be awarded shortly for this corridor. Public meetings will be taking place in the next few months. I would also like the opportunity to help champion the outdoor sports field complex for the City (in Assiniboine Ward); the Peter Sawatzky sculpture garden at the Discovery Centre; finalizing all of the remaining dike work; installation of the Winston Churchill water park; as well as addressing a Brandon Charter.

              I believe I have maintained a strong relationship with residence and City staff and on October 24 I am seeking re-election to continue that relationship.



Jeff Plas

Jeff Plas

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is important that All Brandonites have a voice in the city. There are so many smaller towns and cities in Manitoba that are thriving, forward thinking, and more progressive than Brandon. As well, The Assiniboine Ward is forgotten when it comes to city matters.


There are many things that need immediate addressing:

  • A solution to the Drug Issue and rising Crime needs to found as soon as possible. There are grass roots, community based groups that are yearning to help. They now need a voice at City Hall to help them be heard.
  • The City of Brandon has hid the secret of bulldozing a children’s cemetery from the Aboriginal Residential School and needs to take immediate action on a decades old atrocity.
  • School Zones and ALL Crosswalks need proper crossing signals. Many pedestrians take their lives in their hands crossing at poorly marked and poorly/none lit crossings.
  • The city needs to step up to the province concerning Stop Lights or a solution to the 18th St and Braecrest Drive intersection. There have been too many fatalities and accidents at this intersection.
  • There is no need for a Diamond Lane on 18th Street when there are only 2 buses an hour that use it. Many drivers either don’t understand it or use it improperly.
  • Brandon’s current Compost Program is ineffective and useless. Because the city does not compost properly they need to either fix the problem or scrap it all together and save the money.



Brandon Votes
Brandon electors vote to elect their Mayor, Councillors, and Public or Separate School Board Trustees on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 for the 2018-2022 term of office.
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410 - 9th Street
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